Self Esteem Exercises

Rebuilding your self esteem can begin with self esteem exercises that you can do yourself.

But, in order to rebuild your self esteem, you have to take action. Your past thoughts and your current actions have gotten you into a rut. And the way out are self esteem exercises. Exercises that are designed to move your thinking and your body into a different place. As we have discussed before, change your thinking and you can change how you see your past and how you live your future.

And you can begin with simple exercises designed to improve your self esteem.

Just Breath

This is easy. And hard. Just practice breathing. Feel the air enter your lungs. Slowly. Concentrate on breathing deeply and freely. This self esteem exercise of breathing this way tells your body that you believe in yourself. Why?

Think about what happens to your breathing when you are scared or frightened, or you get really stressed out. What are your lungs doing? Rapid, shallow breaths.That is the breathing of fear and of low self esteem.

Take time several times a day to slow your breathing, and breath deep and slow. And feel the assurance of self esteem.

Walk Confidently

Walk like you want to feel – confident and self assured. Walk with your head up, look people in the eye, and walk with vigor.


Maybe so. But watch someone walk who looks like they have the world on their shoulder – they are slumped over, they walk looking at the ground, and they move with hesitation. Change your circumstance. Walk like you have a destination. Walk with purpose. This exercise will have a profound impact to your self esteem. Just do it. Walk with self confidence, and you will be confident.

Take 10

You know what people with low self esteem have in common?

They typically fail to give themselves enough time and space to themselves. Your thinking gets caught up in the madness of activities and demands. The solution?

Take ten. Take ten minutes every day to be alone.

And sit. And do nothing. Rest.

Some people find it helpful to close their eyes and imagine themselves on a beach with the sound of gentle waves lapping against the seashore. Enjoy these 10 minutes. This is your time. You deserve it. Make this self esteem exercise a daily event. Quiet yourself.

And take 10 minutes.

Chose Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind, and if you are suffering from low self esteem, it may seem that happiness is a land that is far, far away. The truth is, your true happiness is already inside of you. It is not based on any gifts of words or expressions from others.

But it is a choice.

The Dalai Lama has said that his purpose in life is to seek happiness. He goes on to say that if you train the mind to be happy, you will be. This is powerful stuff. You can change your thinking from this self esteem exercise – if you make the powerful choice to chose happiness.

Just do it.

Self Esteem Exercises

In conclusion, self esteem exercises can be really very simple to implement and can have a real impact on rebuilding your self esteem. Breathing deep and slow can give you the assurance of self esteem, and walking confidently with your head up and moving with purpose tells your body and your mind that you are confident.

Take ten minutes every day to quiet your mind. And the final self esteem exercise is to chose happiness. It is a choice and this exercise will make a difference. Rebuilding your self esteem will take time and it will take work, but exercises such as these will help your self esteem.

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